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1.2 Point


I have been asked to take three or four photographs in which a single point is placed in different parts of the frame. When composing the shots I must use three rules: the place of the point shouldn’t be too obvious, the composition should hold a tension and be balanced and the point should be easy to see.  I must evaluate these photos in relation to the three rules, then take a few more photos without any rules.

My thoughts

I was slightly confused to what I was being asked, I had many questions such as do we place an object to create a scene (that being the single point) or do we look for a single point in an area? After thinking it through and asking friends to read over it to get their perspective, I still wasn’t too sure so I went to research. I looked at other blogs of my fellow students through our email group, most student leave a link to their blog which is very helpful, most students had set up a scene so I decided I would do the same. I decided I would take my old football which would stand out amongst the green of the forest. I hope the trees show lines, texture and different tones of colour while the football shows a smooth texture that stands out.



In this photo I placed the football under a fallen tree as though it had always been there. The small green tree is the main focus of the photo yet I feel drawn to the abandoned football. The brown forest floor really gives the photo depth and contrast.


In this photo I did not move the football I just changed my perspective, the small green tree is still the main focus yet the football catches your attention. This photo looks more open, there are so many things going on in the background


I then moved on to a different part of the forest, I feel the lines in this photo really stand out and really highlight the ball as it seems to be the only circular thing in the majority of these photos. The fencing gives the illusion that this was once a child’s play area, the football appears to be forgotten about. While the leafy branches droop down almost creating a boarder around the image.


This photo gives more perspective on the surroundings in which these photos were taken. The football is not as noticeable here but I feel the colour really helps draw your eye, you can see that the fencing has been placed around the tree creating another boarder, giving more depth. Showing that a lot goes on in the background.


In this photo, although off centre the ball is the main focus. I really love the lines in this photo, the benches are uneven which again, gives it a childlike nature. I feel the lines are very important in this image, the benches give the perfect illusion that something should be in between them but its just fencing. Therefore your eyes are drawn to the ball.

The following are the photos I took with no rules…


In this photo, I kept the football just of centre, the path leads your eye into the beyond. the surrounding trees and forest floor really add dimension. Although the ball is noticeable it still blends into the photo, a little out of place but it looks as though it has been there a while. The lighting in this photo is a lot brighter as I had just entered the forest.


Personally this is my favourite photo out of all of them, the lighting is soft but still quite bright, the view from the forest floor really emphasises the nature aspect of this shoot. The football has been wedged under the fallen tree and as from the previous photos you can see that this is just from a different angle. Although annoying the piece of ivory on the tree trunk is blurred,  I still believe that its not too noticeable. This photo in particular leads me to believe that there is a story behind the image. Who owned the football? Was it abandoned when the tree fell? Who long has it been there?


As you can see this is the same fallen tree trunk as in the above photos from a different angle. Although the tree trunk is the main focus of this image, the football still really catches your eyes. The messy forest floor leading gradually down to a little burrow really creates the illusion that you could just walk over and fall in! A little like Alice in Wonderland. This photo to me is more childlike and enchanting.


On this final photo the football is very much out of focus, the forest floor leads your eye up to the ball and the wooden benches in the distance. The stark line just off centre of the image is a burry tree which in my opinion creates depth of field, reinforcing the fact that the forest has so much activity going on. The contrast between the new green growth and the dirty dead leaves really shows how the forest eco-system works. Some leaves fall off in order for new ones to grow.


 I am very happy with how this work has turned out, I feel making the decision to take these photos in forest gave me an advantage, its created a great deal of texture and contrast throughout each photo. Choosing to use my bright coloured football was a simplistic yet effective way of creating a point, drawing attention and creating a childlike story. If I was to do this again I would go earlier in the day, I went to go take these photos too near dusk and I found the lighting very difficult. I was afraid that the photos would not turn out well. I didn’t think through properly how the lighting would already be impacted by the canopy of the forest, never mind the fact it was near dusk. I will know this for the future. I feel I used the three rules effectively, even if it took a while for me understand fully. All of these images are unedited and taken using a Nikon D5300, handheld.